Heroism is found in the heart


My name is Underground Dude…and I’m a…geek. 
Those of you that have been regular readers of the ole underground bloggy blog are fully aware that comic books and superheroes tend to have an affect on me. They bring out a full-on geek-out and/or nerd-gasmtruth-fact.
When one thinks of heroism and heroes in our lives; they typically embody those that have shaped us into who we are and those whose stories inspired us to take up a cause and make a difference in the world. In early childhood my response to the “Who’s your hero” question would have been: The Green Lantern, Batman, Superman, and The Human Torch. At one point in my life I truly did aspire to develop superpowers of my very own and battle the forces of evil! Growing up is hard to do…
Today, while I still find my heroes of childhood to be completely B.A., the quizzical looks I started to get once I reached early adulthood from my hero response prompted me to update my answer. So, now, I respond with Harvey Milk and my advisor from my undergraduate studies who really got me into radical and activism rhetoric. I not only love to get my protest and defiance to “the man” on, but I really dig social activism. Furthermore, I truly hope to become as great of a social activist as these two groovy dudes some day. 
So, I seek to make change with speech and dialoguing with communities and lawmakers in regards to social inequality. I fight the good fight to balance things out and blur the lines between the privileged and the marginalized. I have no costume or secret identity, but I recently discovered there are others taking a more active role in making a difference in their communities. While I found the movie Kick Ass to be enjoyable and an interesting take on the whole super hero meets the real world motif, I had no idea this was an actual movement taking place. There’s even a database and everything!
I suddenly have the urge to start working on costume design ideas. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. 

10 thoughts on “Heroism is found in the heart

  1. @Drake, you make a valid point. I still very much look up to my comic book heroes and still test and check my “abilities” from time to time as well. I'm just a lot more reserved about who I reveal this part of myself to. Do you think this counts as a secret identity?


  2. Although I think some people are making up these heroes being around when we were young (or maybe I'm just too old… no, that's not it!), I do agree that growing up is hard! I mean, I've been.. well, grown.. for a long time now, and it's still not that fun. I look forward to the costume design to change that! 🙂


  3. @Thomas, thanks for your kind words. Costume designing underway! Lawl.

    @Leslie, Green Lantern is totally my favorite comic book, and I am so beyond stoked to see the movie. Dare I say, but it is going to take everything I have to hold back my nerd-gasm. Let's just say there was squeeling involved when I saw the trailer for the first time.


  4. Not all heroes wear costumes and not all get recognition. Fight the good fight my man. Break down those barriers.

    Go on! get drawing, am interested to see ur superhero costume.


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