That time I creeped on Sasha from The Walking Dead.


You all probably know her as Sasha Williams on The Walking Dead. I knew her as the National Poetry Champion at the American Forensics Association National Individual Events (AFA-NIET) tournament of 2006, and I was star-struck before she killed her first zombie. Here is that story and an embarrassingly quirky moment that is my life.

Collegiate forensics competitions have nothing to do with crime or cutting up dead bodies like many assume when they hear that the college forensics team is recruiting and looking for members to join. It’s speech and debate at the collegiate level.

I was actively involved with the forensics speech and debate team at Minnesota State University-Mankato in which we would write speeches, cut and splice literature to make argumentative performances, and travel just about every weekend to compete for trophies or as we used to say on our team: we win trophies for what we do with our mouth. Every tournament win was a chance to qualify for the coveted chance at competing at the national level at the AFA-NIET tournament.

Oh AFA. Where the best of the best speakers in the nation would gather with hopes of breaking into out rounds. While I was always confident when I was at state and regional tournaments, the AFA-NIET tournament was always the tournament that always made me doubt my abilities, and I spent most of my time in rounds in complete awe of the talent that I was up against. The downside to this was that I always have a habit of completely embarrassing myself because of how socially awkward I can be around people, especially around those that are extremely talented and those I am inspired by.

It was a preliminary round in Poetry. I was always nervous at the national tournaments because you could pretty much count on just about every performance to be on fleek as they say (now, not back then, but I digress).

She walked in, completely resolute in her confidence. And that hair, it was gorgeous. Look, I appreciate when curly hair looks good, because I can never get mine to cooperate; it’s always the hottest of messes. It was styled to perfection, but more importantly she was a genuinely nice person and sincere in the small talk she engaged with her fellow competitors in the round. She performed a poetry program on shoes, and the role they had in shaping gender and personal identity performance. Her interpretation of the literature and performance was awe-inspiring. She weaved in and out of characters, and the audience felt the range of emotions that she was experiencing through her both her execution of the performance and the poetry. A program of poetry all about a seemingly generic topic of shoes. The critical social commentary and arguments she created with the intertextuality of the poetry in her program was everything but generic.

She finished her performance and took her seat next to mine. I was still completely blown away by what I had just experienced. I was star-struck. This would have been the perfect opportunity to congratulate her on her performance; to tell her that she was an extremely talented and inspirational speaker; powerful. What did I do?

I sheepishly smiled and said,

“You’re so pretty, and I really love your hair…”

She awkwardly smiled at me and nervously replied, “Thaaaaanks?”

I don’t think she meant it in a rude or dismissing way at all, I think she was honestly perplexed as to how to respond to not only what I said, but how I said it.

She then asked to be excused from the round as she had other events in this round she had to get to. I was in mid face-palm when the judge called my name to perform. I loved my piece and loved performing it, but I knew…I already lost that round and a part of me was glad she wasn’t able to stick around to see it.


Sonequa not only pwnd in that round, but she went on to win the well-deserved title of National Champion in Poetry for the AFA-NIET 2006. She now stars on The Walking Dead as Sasha Williams.

I very much doubt (and don’t blame her) that she remembers who I am, and I sincerely hope she doesn’t. If she does, she remembers me as that really weird creeper guy from the poetry round that she completely dominated from the speech tournament she completely owned.


Wow, I have a blog.

I haven’t really been maintaining or using this space for my writing ramblings, obviously. Will this post signify a resurgence in my blog productivity and lead to more regular posts and insights from UD!? I hope so, but let’s be real, probably not. As much as I love spewing out word vomit out into the empty void of the interwebz, time doesn’t always cooperate with me and things like the blog tend to get neglected as soon as the school year starts. I don’t know why I waited until the end of Summer to decide I wanted to try and start blogging again. That was poor judgement on my part. Here’s to hoping though, right?

So, it’s been what? Two years since I’ve posted? Whaaaaaaaat!? That’s just craaaazy!


So, what have I been up to the last two years!? So much to tell, but let’s use this post to focus in on one particular yet pretty significant thing. Probably one of the biggest life change that has happened since I’ve posted is I am now…wait for it…

in a relationship. Two years and still goin.


It’s weird, but kind of cool. I wasn’t really looking for a relationship and had pretty much convinced myself that I didn’t really want to invest myself in anyone anymore considering the slew of bad dating experiences and terribly awkward hookup encounters I had been having over the years. I had pretty much accepted  that it just wasn’t in the cards to find someone who could both understand and appreciate me for more than just a hot bod and quick release in this square state that I live in. I had made peace with it.


And then it happened. We met, we nerded out about video games and stuff, we started flirting. And now here we are, two years later, still together and living together with a room mate who happens to be his brother. Like I said, it’s weird.

It’s also super cool, because I genuinely feel like I am dating my best friend and have found someone I am 100% comfortable with and can completely be myself (quirks and all) without holding anything back. I actually like hanging out with him, and we laugh a lot together.

FacebookneckbackIt’s been challenging at times sure, I mean we both didn’t quite know how to handle it when we felt feelings; something we both hadn’t felt in a really long time. Emotions, blech, amirite? We weren’t quite prepared to deal with a super serious relationship; we’re like the least serious people you could ever meet.


Overall, the challenges are nothin compared to the good times we’ve had and what we’ve been able to overcome. I’m glad I ultimately got on the tracks rather than jump the hell off of them despite how my knee-jerk reactions were screeching at me; it’s been one hell of a ride. He also turned out to be one hell of a guy. He puts up with a lot to be with me, I mean a lot. Facebook Keys

And he sometimes does the sweetest things to show me just how much he cares.


And hey this guys gets me, I mean he really gets me, which is pretty impressive. Not many do nor have been able to.


We get eachother to the point we are able to point out things we and/or others don’t even notice about ourselves or more accurately things we don’t want to admit about ourselves. The best part is, we keep each other in check. We make each other better people.

Facebook CJ Zekebuysdumbshit

The best part? In the past, it was always challenging dating anyone that was a non-gamer, because they just didn’t get it nor were they thrilled with the idea that I would be spending most of my free time gaming and not paying attention to them. When you’re dating a fellow hardcore gamer, it becomes a non-issue.

Our side by side gaming setup. A couple that games together; stays together.

So, yeah, there’s this guy. He’s pretty cool, and I’m pretty smitten. We’ve been together for two years now and I look forward to what’s to come. Even the moments where we will inevitably drive each other crazy from time to time; what relationship doesn’t come with these learning moments.

So, yeah, I’ve been a little distracted and haven’t been keeping up with the blog, but now you know a pretty significant piece of what has been going on in my life for the past couple of years.

Question of the day remains: Will I be able to provide more glimpses in my time away and keep up with this bloggy-blog? Will I be able to continue to post nonsensical yet whimsical ramblings into the void? I hope so.


My Twilight Experience

I have a pretty sweet job. One of the main things our department does on campus is plan and implement activities for the student body. As a result, I get to do a lot of pretty cool things. The latest project was renting out a theater for the premiere of…wait for it…the latest installment in the Twilight saga. Breaking Dawn Part II. There are a lot of perks that come with my jobby job. This isn’t one of them.

Keep in mind I haven’t seen any of the previous films nor have I read any of the books. The moment I learned that vampires sparkle in this series has spurned a barrage of mockery from me ever since. This was a vampire mythos I could not get on board with. Consequently, a co-worker of mine expressed she was cashing in on a favor that was long over-due for missing out on last year’s theater rental for the premiere of Breaking Dawn Part I. We agreed then, my payment would be to go to a movie of her choosing. Little did I know she would hold out a whole year let alone remember my little debt. I braced myself for the worst, but also told myself that it couldn’t all be bad. I had it on good authority that the majority of scenes showcased shirtless hunks and this installment contained a battle of epic proportions.

Below are my live-tweets as I embarked on this melodromatic and broody journey. Fair warning, there are tons of SPOILERS! I am sure my live-tweets have already caused tween rage and brought forth the wrath of angsty Twilight fanatics who were unable to make it to the premiere. Yeah, well bite me.

I’m gonna need this caffeine to get through this. God help me…

Live-Tweets during the viewing of Breaking Dawn Part II

  • I was just informed there are mind bubbles involved…OH MY…
  • Theater ad just instructed me to turn off my phone and abstain from using it during the film. Nope, not gonna do it!
  • Here we go. There are squeals throughout the theater & they haven’t even shown vamps and wolves without their shirts yet.
  • Cheesy groping within the first 5 seconds. Even with red eyes she’s still pretty expressionless.

  • Did he seriously just ask her to sniff him!?

  • The fact the baby was nicknamed Nessie gives me hope for this film
  • Am I the only one that finds vampy foreplay to be super awkward!?

  • And Jacob is stripping…STRIPPING!!! This movie just got momentarily better. And the theater is rejoicing and cheering. Even the dudes, although I suspect their cheers are meant to be ironic.
  • Aaaaand the moment has passed. Back to shit I don’t understand.
  • Oh the sparkles! I just can’t take the SPARKLES!
  • Edmund’s face or more specifically his overdone facial expressions freak my shiz out!
  • Heads r rollin, baby drooling blood, more sparkles, what appears to be brooding & ominous flashbacks. No idea what is happening right now.
  • I don’t understand why all these vamps have mutant powers…

  • Tyra Banks became an Amazon vamp, and she still smises like a boss!
  • Vamp vamp vamp of the jungle, watch out for that tree!!!
  • Dude! It’s Hans and Frans! These Romanian vamps are sassy!
  • Black smoke monster from Lost apparently became a vamp.
  • Mind bubbles!!! Vamp mutant training has begun.
  • Had to take a pee break and upon my return realized this theater is starting to get a little ripe…
  • I think an epic battle is about to take place. After a long lull of boredom, things have taken an interesting turn.
  • Did Edward & red coat dude with long flowing hair (brunette Fabio) just share an intimate moment as they held hand & mind melded?
  • FIGHT!!! ::cue Mortal Kombat theme music::
  • I don’t understand what is going on with brunette Fabio’s fancy pants speech…
  • So many sneers!!!
  • FATALITY! Fatalities galore!!!

  • So many dead puppies! I may need to process…
  • Shit just got real…

Final Tweet:

I feel so utterly cheated right now and simultaneously nauseous…I DEFINITELY need to process now…UGH!

Needless to say, I was not amused with what transpired toward the conclusion and the ending was just gross. However, the experience of watching the film in a theater full of college students (many with whom our department work with) laughing at the absurd moments, cheering at decapitation and maulings, and the mystery science theater esque atmosphere made it well worth it. Will I run out and get the previous installments or the books? That’s an emphatic NO.

Do I regret going to the final installment of a series I have scoffed at and mocked since their inception? See previous answer above.